Tebita Paramedic College Scholarship


Tebita Paramedic College is ready to accept a limited number of Emergency Medical Technician level 4 trainees for the 2015 E.C academic year and provide them with free education opportunities for those who have difficulty in affording the learning fees and who meet the entry requirements.

Entry Requirements

1. Those who have completed the 12th grade in the school year 2011-2013E.C and whose results are more than 293 for men and more than 278 for women.

2. For those who took the 2014/2015E.C exam
A. For natural science students, more than 158 for men and more than 157 for women;

B. For social science students with a score above 149 for men and above 145 for women

3. Age not more than 30 years.

4. Able to pass the college entrance exam.

5. Those who can provide evidence from the kebele where they live stating that they are unable to pay for education fee.

6. Priority is given to female applicants

7. As the training is given in a regular program for 20 months, applicants should be willing to dedicate full time for the training.

Registration Period From March 6 – March 11, 2023,

Register in-person at the Tebita Paramedic College. For location click here


  • 4 ID Photos
  • Transcript
  • ID.

For more information you can call 8035 or 0943302400 / 0923514151 during business hours.

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