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የስኳር በሽታ መንስኤ ምልክቶች ምርመራ እና ሕክምና
Written by – Dr Michael Mengesha   የስኳር በሽታ መንስኤ፣ ምልክቶች፣ ምርመራ እና ሕክምና የስኳር በሽታ ምንድነው?   የስኳር...
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SI Scholarship
How to apply to the Swedish Institute (SI) scholarship
Welcome to our second blog on the series of applying to Swedish universities. In this edition, we will...
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Michael Mengesha on how to apply to swedish universities
How to Apply to Swedish Universities as an Ethiopian Graduate
Welcome to our blog series on securing your place at a Swedish university as an Ethiopian graduate. This...
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Burden Malaria in East Africa
Burden of Malaria in East Africa
Malaria is a life-threatening disease spread to humans by some types of mosquitoes. It is mostly found...
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Family Planning Coverage in Africa
Family Planning Coverage
When evaluating the overall levels of coverage for family planning programs and services, it is helpful...
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universal health coverage in Africa
Universal Health Coverage in Africa
The term “universal health coverage” (UHC) refers to the idea that everyone has free access...
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Health Expenditure
Health is one of the main markers of societal success, and a proper allocation of budget in the sector...
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esho annual conference
Ethiopian Society of Hematology and Oncology 3rd annual conference
Ethiopian Society of Hematology and Oncology is hosting its 3rd annual conference with the theme of “Cancer...
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This blog covers everything you need to know to take your English proficiency IELTS exam in Ethiopia....
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