Global Arts in Medicine Fellowship (7th Cohort)


The Global Arts in Medicine Fellowship offers theoretical and practical learning in the field of arts in health, professional development, mentoring, internships, cultural exchanges, research opportunities, and interdisciplinary collaboration to give fellows a global enriching experience with the world’s leading experts and institutions in the arts in medicine, Creative Therapies and Arts and Health Initiatives.

The Global Arts in Medicine Fellowship extends a global invitation to students and professionals for its 7th Cohort, offering a unique and immersive experience in the field of arts in health. This comprehensive Fellowship facilitates theoretical and practical learning, fostering professional development, mentoring, and cultural exchanges. Participants engage in interdisciplinary collaboration, connecting with global experts and institutions in arts and medicine.

The Fellowship forms a diverse international network, uniting individuals from various disciplines, including researchers, scientists, policymakers, art therapists, arts in health practitioners, musicians, educators, theatre practitioners, medical professionals, community leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, journalists, and more.
During the 12-week hybrid WEEKEND program, Fellows undergo intense learning experiences through Weekly Zoom Sessions, YouTube viewing, and Community Engagements, promoting interdisciplinary and cross-cultural understanding.
  • The application deadline – July 21st, 2024
  • Selected applicants expected to pay £100
Individuals interested in participating in this enriching journey are encouraged to complete this application process.
You can also view our Prospectus via the link below


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