Medical Research Lounge Game #12


MRL (Medical Research Lounge) Game is designed to assist clinicians master their research skills through regular, small dose learning of research fundamentals, enabling them to become independent researchers capable of translating clinical observations into evidence for improved health in Ethiopia.

Date and time: March 7, 7:00 – 7:30 PM
Link to the game will be made available at the mentioned date and time on the Medical Research Lounge telegram group Click here to visit the group

Instruction: Read on the following MRL Resources and play the game on the specified date and time.

Challenge: Complete the quiz with a score of 80% and above.

Prize: 1.5 CEU (Certificate will be issued in 24 hours) and 50 ETB Mobile card (for first place only)

Since the game has a flow from basic to advanced, we recommend that you read and play all games for the best result.

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