Digital Health Mobile Applications in Ethiopia

digital health mobile applications in Ethiopia

Digital health mobile applications in Ethiopia are making a stride, with the government launching a national digital health strategy in 2020. The strategy aims to improve access to healthcare, reduce costs, and improve the quality of care. Healthcare is a huge industry and adoption of new technologies will transform every part of it, from how new prescription drugs are researched and tested to enabling patients to manage their own health more effectively. Within this vast market, to help define the digital health opportunity, five key areas in digital health must be identified these are:

  • Personal health management and wellness
  • Diagnostic triage
  • Virtual care and telehealth
  • Remote monitoring
  • Data and analytics

Many digital health application providers start by playing in one of these five segments.

What are digital health apps?

Digital health apps are mobile applications that allow users to track and manage their health and wellness. These apps are becoming increasingly popular as a way to track and manage health and wellness. These apps can be used to monitor diet, exercise, sleep, and other health related activities. They can also provide reminders to take medications, provide health education and connect users with healthcare providers. Additionally, many digital health apps offer community and support systems that can be incredibly helpful for staying motivated and staying on track with your goals. 

Digital health apps in Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s digital health strategy includes initiatives such as the development of a national health information system, the introduction of electronic health records and the use of mobile health technologies. The government is also investing in the training of health workers in digital health and is working to ensure that digital health technologies are accessible to all. 

There are some digital health mobile applications in Ethiopia that are specifically designed to help citizens of Ethiopia to manage their health. In this blog, we will try to see 6 Ethiopian digital health mobile apps that are currently at use:

1. WeCare ET Digital Health

Wecare ET







WeCare ET is a digital health online platform that provide clients with an online medical consultation from a physician or healthcare provider of their choice along with investigation and medication paper if necessary. It is the one of the first mobile health consultation application in the country to be fully functional with physician listings, digital payment options and online consultation all integrated into one platform. Read our article on how to register as a partner here.

For clients who require an in-person visit, WeCare ET provides medical office practice and home based care services. You can also directly call to their call-center 9394 for a phone consultation with a physician.

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2. HabariDOC Digital Health









HabariDOC is a new multi-user digital health application which comprises of doctors, pharmacies, and diagnostic facilities. This app eliminates the hassle of driving or taking public transport to see your doctor by offering access to a doctor at your needs. It plans to improve access to specialists that may not be available in your area. It provides diagnostic services, pharmacy services including counseling and dispensing of medication through telecommunication, improved access to women’s health, remote interpretation services for imaging studies (X-ray, CT scan, Ultrasound and MRI) and consultation in different health conditions. 

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3. Liyana Digital Health





Liyana digital health care solutions is a technology-based healthcare company founded by medical doctors with more than 15 years of experience in the private healthcare business and academia. It is a telemedicine company in licensed by the Ethiopian health regulatory body to provide virtual health care by a team of paramedics, general medical practitioners, specialists, and sub-specialists in Ethiopia and beyond. They also provide home-based care services through their mobile medical team of doctors and nurses for patients requiring direct physical evaluation.

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4. Tenawo Digital Health







TENAWO is a multi user health service website and mobile application that aims to play a vital role in the day-to-day health activities of the society. This application comprises drug stores/pharmacies, laboratory/pathology centers, diagnostic imaging centers, private clinics/hospitals, doctor appointments and consultations, home care services, medical and pharmaceutical wholesalers, ambulance services, oxygen plant, nursing services, physiotherapy services, dental clinic services, medical tourism and more. Along with these, it aspires incorporates a taxi hailing service for delivering the defined healthcare services.

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5. Hello Tena Telehealth






Hello Tena Telehealth is a platform where one gets answers to their medical questions either in person or virtually. It consists of a web, mobile app and a configured call center for consultation services. It comes with different forms of packages consisting of physical evaluations, laboratory services, imaging investigations like ultrasound and consultation with their doctors. 

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6. iTena Digital Medicine





iTena is a health care innovation and technology company working on creating non-conventional and alternate healthcare services with more convenient access to health care professional in Ethiopia. Launching in Addis Ababa area is their home-based care service which focuses on providing nursing and rehabilitation services for patients in off-hospital settings. In case the rehabilitation process requires institutionalization, they provide in-patient options at their own nursing and rehabilitation center. 

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