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How to setup your WeCare ET Partners Mobile Application

Several countries had deployed telemedicine services in order to reduce the daily traffic in healthcare facilities and offer prompt, quality care to remote areas. This became more in need as the COVID-19 pandemic has forced most domains of work to be done virtually. In our country Ethiopia, WeCare is mentioned amongst the best telemedicine service providers. 

WeCare ET is a digital health online platform that provides clients with an online medical consultation from a physician or healthcare provider of their choice along with investigation and medication paper if necessary. It's the first mobile health consultation application in the country to be fully functional with physician listings, digital payment options and online consultation all integrated into one platform. The product aims to advance the digitalization of healthcare in our country.

The company's foundation is built on utilizing all available resources to increase public access to high-quality healthcare while also providing employment opportunities for trained health professionals. It improves accessibility to healthcare, reduces costs of medical office visits, and builds online infrastructure for health care seekers to get timely, consistent and affordable healthcare provision by allowing health care personnel and institutions to give remote services.  

The company has come with the following benefits for its clients.

The WeCare ET application and website are platforms clients can use to book an online video, audio, or text consultation with a general or specialty medical practitioner of their choice from the comfort of their own homes. Clients can also use the company’s call center at 9394 to consult with general practitioners or specialists.

To register as a health care service provider on the WeCare ET platform follow the steps listed below. 

How to setup your WeCare ET partner account

Step 1: Download the app on Google play store using this link.

After installation is finished you could proceed by opening the application.

Step 2: Register on the app.

The first thing that appears after you opened the app is to choose your language of preference.

After choosing your preferred language you now proceed to your registration by entering your phone number.

A 4-digit number will be sent to your phone through SMS. You must enter this OTP code to verify and proceed to your registration

After entering the one-time-password sent through SMS, you click on the next button found the right bottom of the screen. This will take you to the verification page.

.N.B: if you didn’t get any text message within 15 second you can ask to resend.

After being verified, you are required to fill for personal information and a profile picture.

N.B: Make sure to use a professional photo. Use a picture with a white gown or a scrub.

Next you are required to fill your professional profile.

After completing your profile, you will be asked to enter your email which will be used for verification purpose.

You have now finished the initial stage of your registration. And a notification will appear on your screen reading ‘We will notify you when your account is verified’ 

At this stage you are required to send your credentials including a renewed professional license and a profile picture with white gown/scrub via email to or via telegram on +251964686464. 

After your account has been confirmed to be vaild by the WeCare team you’ll automatically be logged in and you can now use the app to set your fee and availability

Step 3: set up your fee by clicking on the profile icon and then by clicking an editing icon on the right top corner of your screen.










You can edit any of your profile details including online and in-person fee but make sure to save it.

Step 4: Make sure to set your availability regularly and don't miss appointments 










Both your online and in-person scheduled sessions are saved here.

You can keep track of your patients record.

You can keep record of your earnings here.











Use this icon to chat with your patients

Use this reminder to your appointments.

Here is your icon for notifications.

You can logout through using this tab. 

For more information you contact the company through the following address

Nigist Towers 109, Kazanchis, Guinea Conakry St, Addis Ababa




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WRITTEN BY - Med In Ethiopia

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