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Universite Sorbonne Paris Nord scholarships

The Sorbonne Paris Nord University scholarships 2023 are available now for international students who are interested in studying at Sorbonne Paris Nord. One of the main scholarship programs offered by Sorbonne Paris Nord is the Excellence Scholarship Program, which is open to international students who are admitted to a master’s or Ph.D. program at the university covering a wide range of field of studies (including health related fields). To be eligible for the Excellence Scholarship, students must have an excellent academic record and demonstrate their potential for research or innovation.

Other scholarship programs offered by Sorbonne Paris Nord include the International Mobility Scholarship, which is open to students who are studying abroad at the university as part of an exchange program, and the Erasmus+ Scholarship, which is available to students who are participating in the Erasmus+ program. Both scholarships provide financial assistance to help cover the costs of studying abroad. In addition to these scholarship programs, Sorbonne Paris Nord also offers a range of financial aid options for students who need financial assistance. These options may include loans, grants, and work-study programs.

Application deadline

It is important to note that the application deadline is May 15, 2023.

Financial coverage

The university offers a variety of scholarships and financial aid options to help students cover the costs of their studies. Some potential financial benefits of these scholarships and financial aid options could include:

Other Financial Benefits

Who’s eligible?

Applicants must:

Documents required

How to Apply

CLICK BELOW to apply for the scholarship


WRITTEN BY - Bezawit Girma-Med In Ethiopia Team

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WRITTEN BY - Bezawit Girma

Med In Ethiopia Team


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