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McDonald Fellowships 2023

Are you a resident of a low or middle-income country? Are you studying or working on the project in low or middle-income countries? Is your field of study relevant to multiple sclerosis? Do you want to work in a research institution outside your own country? Do you want to work with an international organization while staying in your home country due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions? 

McDonald Fellowships 2023 is an amazing opportunity launched by the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation. This fully-funded fellowship has been designed for candidates who fulfil the above questioning criteria. The participants are encouraged to become a part of this fellowship while helping them gain expertise in their proposed research projects.

The fully-funded international fellowship 2023 is tremendous for candidates who cannot afford to get research experience in global dynamics. This opportunity expects the candidates to utilize the newly developed expertise and networks required to undertake MS research and patient care in low and middle-income countries. If the students have been enrolled in a research institution and cannot afford the dues, this fellowship opportunity will help you pay your dues. 

The McDonalds Fellowship 2023 is aimed at helping individuals get aware of the types of MS, Causes of MS, symptoms of MS, and other related advanced knowledge in a more profound way. The barriers to accessing MS healthcare and its improved treatment are wide-ranging and complex and vary from one country to another. 

This scholarship is for the duration of 2 years and the following degree candidates are eligible to apply: 

Host Country: Can be a Neighbouring country or the participant’s home country

Host Institution: Institute can be outside the home country or institute of the participant’s home country

Duration of 2023 McDonald Fellowship: 2 years

Deadline: 30th June, 2023


Application deadline

The application deadline for the fellowship is till June 30, 2023.


Financial coverage


Who's eligible?


Documents required 


How to Apply 

Click here to apply

WRITTEN BY - Bezawit Girma-Med In Ethiopia Team

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WRITTEN BY - Bezawit Girma

Med In Ethiopia Team


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